Iowa Reptile Show and Sale

Upcoming Shows:

[4/7/2019] Spring Show
Hours: 10am - 3pm
Adults: $6, under 12: $2

[11/3/2019] Fall Show
Hours: 10am - 3pm
Adults: $6, under 12: $2

Featured Vendors and Exhibitors

The list below contains our regular vendors. Not all vendors are present at every show, and we always have additional vendors that aren't on this list.

Interested in vending?
Please contact Jim: or (563) 503-0592


Contact Info

Amanda O`Gorman (641) 780-4643
-Crested and gargoyle geckos.
Animal Plastics Caging (515) 276-7387
-Full line of cages and racks.
Aquatic Oak Creations (402) 560-7681
-Custom caging.
Bob Winger (402) 690-1797
-frilled dragons and lizards.
Brandon's Bugs (402) 213-6929
-Feeder bugs.
Bryan Newton (515) 770-3390
-Crested Geckos.
Clarks Frozen Critters (641) 414-1170
-Frozen Rats.
D & D Bearded Dragons (608) 563-2717
-Bearded Dragons.
Dav Kaufmann (612) 669-4567
-Ball Pythons.
Heartland Invertebrates
-CB Tarantulas.
Herpers -- The Movie
-Herpers - The Movie.
Iowa Herpetological Society
Jaws and Claws (402) 960-1096
-Reptile supplies heat tape and more
JD Constriction (319) 360-2087
-Ball Pythons.
Jessie Hollis (402) 639-7872
-Ball pythons and coloubrids .
Kyle Thompson (515) 240-1222
-Pythons and Boas.
Jeff Leclere
-Pick up Jeff's new book on Iowa's Reptiles and Amphibians.
JSA Reptiles (612)964-1190
-Ball Pythons.
L.A.C. Herps (319) 541-0044
-Crested Geckos.
Midwest Constrictors (515) 419-1795
-Ball Pythons, Boas, Colubrids, and Feeders
Nick Major (515) 537-6997
-Emerald tree boas, white lip pythons, Burmese, and others.
Omaha Chameleons (303) 517-3221
Osborn Cages (515) 240-3382
-Custom small cages for geckos, dart frogs, and tarantulas.
R and E displays and jewelry (815) 209-6015
-Show Displays and a full line reptile jewelry.
RKH Survival Bands (712) 898-0888
-Survival Bands.
Salo Supplies (402) 709-2318
-Reptile supplies and bedding.
Scentsy Products (515) 571-1717
-Make any reptile room or space smell great.
Snakess N Lizzards (402) 630-3723
-Colubrids, Small Pythons, and Sand Boas.
Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles (563) 503-0592
-Wisconsin's largest variety of Boid and Colubrid snakes and various other reptiles.
Timmy Ollendick (563) 513-1334
-Dart Frogs.
Troy and Lisa Schroeder (515) 408-1478
-Ball Pythons and Geckos.

Please contact vendors directly for prices and availability.

This list will be updated as we get closer to the show date.